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Premier Hospitality Asia was established in 2010 and is recognized as Bali’s leading operator of Hospitality Management. Over time, Premier Hospitality Asia’s extensive portfolio rapidly increases into numerous luxury villa estates, boutique resorts, hotels, and residential properties. Premier Hospitality Asia’s core value is Passion, Perfection, and Premier Service, which radiates and become the underlying principle throughout the whole company’s aspects.

Villa Journey

Premier Hospitality has been in the industry for over 12 years and has managed various villas of various types. For now, Premier Hospitality Asia encompasses more than 20 villas all around Bali. Either heritage villas with a rich Balinese culture or modern villas with beaches, hills, or even light city views are under Premier Hospitality Asia’s management. The guest will not only be spoiled with the amazing architecture of the villas but also modern facilities which will leave memorable stay experiences for the guests.

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