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A Brand New Unit Is Joining Us!

Below we proudly show you another client who’s trusting us to manage their brand new property. The meeting was attended by our President Director – Caroline Sandriany and Fanny Budi Iriani as our General Manager. The brand new villa will have an eco-friendly concept. Stay tuned for more update on this Eco-Friendly unit.

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The Pre-Opening Preparation

If you wondering how our Business Development team prepare everything and present the plan to the business owner, here’s what it’s looks like. The meeting was attended by the villa owner and our head of departments to make sure every detail in operational is covered and well prepared.

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Business Development Partnership

As a part of Pre-Opening Cahaya Villa Canggu by Premier Hospitality Asia, last week we celebrated “Open House and Welcoming Party”. We are gladly invited our valuable partners as an expression of gratitute and highest appreciation for the past cooperation. Trust, communication, reliability, and responsiveness are needed to maintain positive relationships. We do hopewe could […]

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We announce today that the boards of directors and our valuable partners have unanimously approved a definitive cooperation agreement so that Premier Hospitality Asia will offer broader choice for guests, greater opportunitiesfor staff and shall unlock additional value for both villas.

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Bali Travel With No Worries

In order to maximize the services we provide to our guests, all staff and teams from Premier Hospitality Asia are currently vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition, all the villas and resorts that we manage currently also follow the health protocol standards set by WHO. Your bedroom and luggage and luggage will also be disinfected by […]

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