Premier Hospitality Asia Supports Digital Nomad Visa

For the last several years, Digital Nomads have packed into Bali. No wonder, because Indonesia, especially Bali, has gorgeous nature, colorful culture, and a more affordable cost of living compared to most countries in the world. This makes Bali and Indonesia the favorite spot for Digital Nomads around the world.

The issue here is that the Digital Nomads phenomenon is new, yet it’s spread in the blink of an eye. Therefore, Indonesia wasn’t prepared to welcome these new flocks of people, especially when it comes to the permit of living. The common visa that most foreigners use when coming to Indonesia is the On Arrival Visa (tourist visa), cultural visa (volunteering projects visa), and business visa.

On-Arrival Visa or Tourist Visa allows foreigners to come and stay in Indonesia only for a limited period to visit. Meanwhile, Business Visa is issued to help travelers engage in business-related activities, the issue with this visa is that they have a limited validity. There are none of these visas that allow remote workers to come and stay in Bali for a longer period.

The Indonesian Government considers this a big opportunity, both for Indonesia and for remote workers around the world. Therefore, Indonesia is coming with its breakthrough with a specific Visa for Digital Nomads. This Digital Nomad Visa is planned to allow remote workers to stay in Indonesia for up to 5 years. The Digital Nomad visa also allows remote workers to live in the country tax-free as long as their income obtains from businesses based outside of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, for now, Bali is already one of the favorite destinations for remote workers, especially with its warm weather, wonderful nature, low living costs, and cozy accommodations. Premier Hospitality Asia provides various villas in various locations that will meet your needs. A strong internet connection is also provided in all of Premier Hospitality Asia’s villas, which makes Digital Nomad friendly for all remote workers who want to work and stay in Bali.

Not only fully equipped, but all villas managed by Premier Hospitality Asia also offer some facilities that can be done during the staycation period such as Afternoon Tea, Romantic Dinner, Cooking Class, Massage, and many more.