Our Brand


A sophisticated, intimate and luxurious collection in distinctive locations, offers highly personalized service enriched with passion for excellence that exudes a prudent interpretation of hospitality.

A collection of upscale estate villas in boutique destinations. Each property of the collection stages details with utmost convenience, mirroring a definition of service excellence.

A classic yet unorthodox collection of private villas in prime location that provides contemporary approach to affordable comfort and convenience.


A collection of premium apartments and residences in prime locations. Offers guests seeking a higher level of independence and control. An inspiring accommodation furnished with the highest quality material and craftsmanship. 

A collection of modern, spacious and fully equipped apartments and residences in prime location. Delivers urban lifestyle and independence for greater comfort.


A distinctive collection of sophistication, style and premium service. Creates exceptional luxury experiences that orchestrate the real journey. Focuses on only what is truly desired. Diffuses an air of elegance, welcoming and mfortable.

A cosmopolitan collection that vibes in the center of the action. Each hotel is unique in eclectic details, stylish and upper-moderate spaces. Easefully equipped with practical facilities and outlets to paramount the stay.


A stylishly designed collection of accommodations in easy-reach locations. Delivers caring and efficient service, and ultimate comfort for extended stays that do not cost any extras.

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