Our Service

We Embrace Different Concepts & Uniqueness of Each Property As One of Owner's Own Creative Ideas & Dreams.

Premier Hospitality Asia’s consultant and management team are delicated to our client’s specific tailor-made needs & visions. Under the umbrella of this founder, Gunawan Rahardjo, along with his vast experience in the hospitality industry since his early age, Gunawan Rahardjo brought his passion and knowledge to Indonesia. Premier Hospitality Asia acts as strategic partner to embrace & implement the client’s vission & brand making the investment property turns into successful business.

Sales & Marketing

The hospitality consultants and the sales marketing team at Premier Hospitality Asia are fundamental in establishing and maintaining a value philosophy, marketing strategy, and continuous sales force towards the best achievement performance of the property.

Human Resource

The hospitality consultants and the human resources of the Premier Hospitality Asia team set and define the performance of staff, results, and every individual’s growth potential. The regular hospitality training programs, in line with the operations department and other related parties, have the objective to keep the improvement of the business.


The hospitality consultants and the operations team aim to compose and maintain the client’s original ideas by implementing hospitality standards to create an unparalleled guest experience. The operations team aims to deliver exceptional guest service and experience through specific & tailor-made Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from time to time, the success factor rests on the deep knowledge of guest trends & expectations

Accounting & Finance​

The hospitality consultants and the accounting & finance team set a transparent, accountable & measurable system of accounting & finance for the business. This is implemented through basic accounting and tax reporting services.