Our Services

We embrace different concepts & uniqueness of each property as one of owner's own creative ideas & dreams.

Sales & Marketing

The hospitality consultants and the sales marketing team at Premier Hospitality Asia are fundamental in establishingand maintaining value philosophy, marketing strategy and continues sales force towards the best achievement performance of property.

  • We provide more than 30 worldwide online branding opportunities and support, as well as sales and marketing online channels or online travel agents.
  • Well established network with strong offline channels from international & domestictravel agents.

Human Resource

The hospitality consultants and the human resources the Premier Hospitality Asia team set and define performance of staff, results and every individual’s growth potential. The regular hospitality trining programs, in line with operations department and other related parties have the objective to keep the improvement of business.

  • Careful selection of quality staff through recruitment, selection, hiring and cintracting employees.
  • Periodical review and maintaining any industrial relations matter.
  • Competitive remuneration for potential talents though improving skill and multi tasking abilities.


The hospitality consultants and the operations team aim to compose and maintain clien’s original ideas with implementing hospitality standard to create unpararelled guest experience. The operations team aim to deliver exceptional guest service and experience through specific & tailor-made Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from time to time, the success factor rest on the deep knowledge of guest trends
& expectators.

  • Set up SOPs, control standard daily practice & continuos training and development programs.
  • Implement periodical quality assesment for the property.
  • Full support from the corporate team to conduct regular visit, analysing, reporting and taking actions for regular maintenance schedules.

Accounting & Finance

The hospitality consultants and the accounting & finance team set transparant, accountable & measurable system of the accounting & finance for the business. This is implemented through basic accountanct and tax reporting service.

  • Maintenance of general ledger, statement of finacial position (balance sheet).
  • Tax reporting & submission.
  • Assist in auditing.

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