Our Team

Gunawan Rahardjo, SE.,M.Comm.,MBA
President Commisioner

Gunawan Rahardjo hold a position as President Commissioner at Premier Hospitality Asia. Gunawan has been in the hotel and hospitality industry all his life, as his family’s core business was hotel, entertainment and restaurant ownership. In 1994, Gunawan obtained his Bachelor of Economics from Parahyangan University, Bandung – West Java before moving to Sydney, Australia. He began a Master of Commerce degree at the University of New South Wales and continued with his Master of Business Administration from the University of Technology, Sydney. Passionate about the hospitality industry, Gunawan returned to Indonesia with aspiration of taking the industry to the new levels.

Caroline Sandriany, B.Ec (Soc Sci).
President Director

Graduated from the prestigious University of Sydney, Australia in 2004 with a Double Degree in Political Economy and Management. Where during her university years, Caroline was appointed as the Assistant Lecturer under the Research Institute of Asia Pacific (RIAP) at The University of Sydney. Caroline gained experience in both areas of Properly Law and Property Advisory with a legal firms, such as Etherington Solicitors and Suncorp Metway, respectively. After 10 years in Sydney, Caroline returned to Indonesia, where she has had a considerable impact on all aspects of hotels and resorts project development, management, project marketers and consultancy, which brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Premier Hospitality Asia.

Fanny Budi Iriani
GM of Business Development
Evi Udayani
Asst. Dir. of Business Development
Ratna Kartika Sari
Asst. Dir. of Marketing
Ida Ayu Putu Werdiari
Asst. Dir. of Sales
Nyoman Muliana
Director of Operations
Asst. Operations
Dewi Mei Sukaseni
Chief Accounting & Finance
Ni Made Witari
Senior Finance Manager
Adhi Sparsa
Senior Purchasing Manager
Lisa Cahyani
E-Commerce Executive
Wika Wiyantari
HR Supervisor
Komang Puja
Creative Supervisor
Rahman Agus Suandi
Jeffi Riyantika
Social Media Cordinator
Ganis Giantoro
Photographer & Videographer
Digital Marketing
Nita Adnyani
Wida Apriyani
General Admin

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