Why Us

Premier Hospitality Asia’s consultant and management team are delicated to our client’s specific tailor-made needs & visions. Under the umbrella of this founder, Gunawan Rahardjo, along with his vast experience in the hospitality industry since his early age, Gunawan Rahardjo brought his passion and knowledge to Indonesia.
Premier Hospitality Asia acts as strategic partner to embrace & implement the client’s vission & brand making the investment property turns into successful business.



Is within ourselves. It is the sense of belonging that comes from the heart. Passion is the basic fundamental, the habit to consistently focus, contribute and passionately deliver the service of excellence and experiences to our guests.



We embrace different concepts & uniqueness of each property as one of owner’s own creative ideas and dreams.



Is the strength to go beyond the ordinary. From different backgrounds and experiences, strength-tostrength to complement each other and consistently deliver positive measurable results for the success


Embrace Passionate Local Talents.

We recruit, hire, train, create and develop local talents, where we believe the core from passionate employees comes from local culture.


Premier Service

Is the core to consistently deliver efficient and effective positive results.


Proven Track As Cost Efficient.

We assist Client to create and develop a property concept that is cost efficient in every aspect yet still meet hospitality standard and the business purpose.